DRAMATICALLY SUPER CHARGE your daily nutrients with powerful foods...
How I FINALLY Started Getting Healthier in Less than 5 Minutes Per Day!... And How I "Accidentally" Eliminated My Stomach Problems 
How do I stay healthy in a world full of unhealthy?
It was always a struggle...

I just couldn’t get myself to eat healthy.

I'd start and stop, start and stop, start and stop. 

I tried and failed so many times that I started to think I was a lost cause. I just couldn't commit.

Growing up, I was never really “unhealthy” and probably never really “healthy”, either.

As a kid, my breakfast was usually a bowl of cereal loaded with rainbows and pots of gold…

Looking back now, made out of nothing but sugar, food dyes, and artificial flavors and coloring. 

As I started getting older, health was never really a priority. I always felt good, so I must be good, right?

When it comes to health, ignorance really can be bliss... and that's NOT a good thing.

It's not until we come to that realization...
I can actually get sick… and die. Sometimes, there may not be a cure.
We’ve all been there...

Maybe it was a near death experience, or the passing of a loved one, or maybe a brush up with a terminal disease. 

For me, it was sickness & disease. It was the simple thought of getting sick and not being able to get back to good health. 

Imagine being told that you need to decide how you want to live out the rest of your years, months, even days…Because you’re going to die, and there was nothing you can do about it.

My fear was obviously irrational because I wasn't sick, but very real in possibility, and I couldn’t shake it.

I was afraid of getting sick.... I was afraid of a loved one getting sick. 

These thoughts had been racing around in my mind for weeks, causing me a fair amount of anxiety to top it all off.

When out of the blue, coming from a friend who NEVER reads, drops a book in my lap that changed the course of my entire life.

Honestly... I don't even know how that book made it into his house. 
It was one of those weird, "seems like fate" situations...
The book opens up to a story of a man, who in his prime, had just started achieving the success he’d been striving for his entire life, only to find out shortly after, he had an “incurable” heart condition. 

A condition that would be cutting his life extremely short… And how that man overcame his “incurable” diagnosis.

This was the first experience that opened my eyes to a new world I had never been exposed to before.

The world of nutritional, energetic, holistic, whole-body health and healing.

It was crazy! It seemed like everything I had been told previously about health and medicine was a complete lie.

Never had I heard about the importance of nutrition, let alone, that by simply eating healthier and adding the right foods, could in fact dramatically improve someone's health.

This began my journey to discover how to be healthy & stay healthy, without constant medication and BEFORE sickness could have a chance to grab hold.

...I soon found it out it was much easier said than done.
Eating healthy was hard! TOO HARD!

No matter what I tried, no matter what meal plan, eating schedule, food type, diet, etc… whatever it was, I just couldn’t stick to it.

They were either too complicated, took too much time, were too expensive, or simply, just didn’t fit into my lifestyle.

It was a try, fail, try and fail again, repeat process. I’d make a little progress, but it would never stick.

I needed something fast, easy, simple, and not just healthy, but SUPER HEALTHY.

That’s when I discovered the power of WHOLE FOODS. To be more specific, I discovered super foods.

Better than any made man made multivitamin or supplement, wholefoods contained perfect ratios of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just as Mother Nature intended.

Not artificially made up in some lab.

And, because they’re a FOOD, our bodies can easily recognize them and break down all the nutrients for its best and most efficacious use to improve our health.

There are many super foods out there and they can all play vital role in boosting and strengthening our health:
  •  App Cider Vinegar (ACV)
  •  Wheat Grass
  •  Pomegranates
  •  Acai Berries
  •  Goji Berries
  •  Spirulina
  •  Sea Buckthorn
  •  Mushrooms
  •  And many more!
The list goes on and on. Each super food carrying their own unique nutrients, providing their own unique benefits.  

These became my go to for a healthier body and healthier lifestyle.

I could incorporate them all in one sitting, in less than 5 minutes! Easy peasy!

Finally, I had found a system I could stick to! It was fast, easy, simple, and not just health, but SUPER HEALTHY.

Even though my actual eating habits and diet didn't change one bit, I started feeling better, having more energy, being more alert, and just having an all-around better sense of well being. 

But, there was still something missing...
My stomach. 

The cramps, the pain, the multiple trips to the restroom.

Not knowing how my stomach would react when I'd be out to dinner with friends and family was uncomfortable to say the least.  

While doing some research, I came across what has been rightfully nicknamed "The Holy Fruit", sea buckthorn.

A tiny little orange berry, packed a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, flavonoids and a host of antioxidants you would never expect to find in such a small package.

But what really set it apart were the healthy fats it carried.

This one-of-a-kind berry carried an abundant vegan source of omega 3, omega 9, and the very rare, OMEGA 7. Sort of a vegan omega super plant!

I had heard of omega 3 & 9, but never heard of Omega 7. 

The more I learned, the more excited I was getting. The scientific studies backing up the many claims and benefits of sea buckthorn couldn't be denied.

So I decided to try it out.

After adding JUST ONE, 1 oz. shot of Sea Buckthorn (rich in omega 7) to my morning routine, in just 2 weeks my nails started to grow like crazy! 

They were growing so fast, it was actually kind of annoying how often I had to clip them. (by the way, Omega 7 is INCREDIBLE nourishment for your skin, hair, and nails) 

What really surprised me though was that my stomach problems had started to become less and less frequent.

I knew from my research that sea buckthorn had shown some incredible results in regards to the stomach & digestive tract.

But, I'd been dealing with my stomach problems for so long, that I didn't really think it would do much for me in that aspect. 

I was definitely wrong!

What used to be multiple, sporadic trips to the restroom, now became regulated and predictable.

What used to be painful stomach cramps after meals, were now non-existent and completely gone.

Omega 7 in sea buckthorn had saved my stomach!

Of all the super-foods I had been eating, NONE, had any effect whatsoever on my digestion, until I started consuming sea buckthorn (omega 7) in a wholefood source. 

For this one reason alone, sea buckthorn shot to the top of my super-food “MUST HAVES” list.

Plus, the extra energy boost I would feel with each morning shot really gave me something tangible to show me “it’s working!”

And because I could do it all in about 3-5 minutes, it was incredibly easy to stick with. 
My story isn’t unique... 
There are hundreds of testimonials of people who have had amazing benefits:
  •  Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails
  •  Dramatically Improved Gut Health
  •  Hydrated Mucous Membranes (chronic dry eyes, dry mouth, feminine dryness, etc.)
  •  Powerful Joint Pain Relief
That’s one of the greatest benefits of wholefoods. They're jam packed with so many nutrients, they end up helping us in ways we didn't anticipate. 

Super whole foods feed our body the nutritional building blocks it NEEDS to be healthy...  And when you do that, the results may astound you!
100% oRGANIC 
The World's Most Potent Omega 7 Supplement with over 720 mg of Omega 7 Per Serving!
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  •  Helps ease and soothe digestive issues & digestive pains
  •  Even shown to prevent & diminish stomach ulcers!
  •  BONUS: Vegan source of omegas 3 & 9
  •  BONUS: Powerful wholefood nutrition strengthens immune system (over 190 bio-active nutrients)
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