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Premium Himalayan 
Turkestanica Sea Buckthorn Oil
Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil
Ideal for internal supplementation. Can be used both topically and internally
The world's most abundant source of the elusive healthy fat, palmitoleic acid (omega 7). Ingesting omega 7 from sea buckthorn nourishes beauty from the inside out for healthy skin, hair, & nails. Internal health benefits include healthy cholesterol levels, improved digestion, and relief of dry mucous membranes such as dry eye and vaginal dryness
Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Ideal for topical application. Can be used both topically and internally
Rich in alpha linoleic acid (omega 3) and linoleci acid (omega 6) in a near perfect 1:1 ratio and is naturally loaded with vitamin E. Sea buckthorn seed oil is a beautiful golden yellow and rubs on clear when applied directly to the skin. SBT seed oil can also be ingested for added health & skin support
What is Sea Buckthorn?
Sea buckthorn, also known as sea berry, is a small pea-sized fruit rich in over 190 nutrients & omegas 3, 6, 9, and the elusive omega 7. Put simply, it's beauty food!

Sea buckthorn's ancient history dating back well over 1,300 years, is preserved in writing an the ancient Tibetan Medical text, The Sibu Yi Dian. Filled with 13 chapters dedicated to its various beauty enhancing benefits along side many of the powerful health boosting properties.

While sea buckthorn grows all across the globe in Europe, Canada, and Asia, we harvest exclusively from wild-growing fields in the Himalayan Mountains where a special subspecies of sea buckthorn grows called Turkestanica. 
T7 is SIBU’s proprietary process for bringing you the highest quality Sea Berry (Sea Buckthorn) available, harvested in the most environmentally sensitive and socially responsible ways
  • HARVEST TO SHELF - Our “harvest to shelf” production begins with the Turkestanica Sea Berry, a subspecies harvested exclusively in the Himalayan Highlands at 12,000 feet above sea level. The little orange berry, used for over 13 centuries, is wild-crafted and sustainably harvested and is the world’s richest source of Omega-7.
  • SUPER-CRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION - Used exclusively to retain the nutrients found in the berry’s seed and fruit oils. The pulping process takes place in SIBU’s own vertically integrated facilities within just a few hours of the harvest
  • FAIR TRADE - Co-ops of Himalayan women are hired by SIBU and work following fair trade practices to gently hand-harvest the berries in the traditions of their ancestors. They are able to earn enough during the 4-6 week harvest to support their families through the harsh Himalayan winter
  • TRIPLE-TEST QUALITY CONTROL - A final “triple-test” quality control system ensures that all final SIBU formulations maintain our optimum standards for Omega-7 potency and superior product quality.Three, independent premier testing laboratories are used to test for the key nutrients that make Sea Berry so valuable to health and beauty
Harvested above 12,000 ft. above sea level in the Himalayan highlands in the Leh and Nubra Valley, SIBU Bulk brings you closest to nature with 100% wild, hand-harvested turkestanica sea buckthorn. Remember, not all sea buckthorn is created equal.
  • 100% Pure & Unadulterated
  • Highest Omega 7 
  • 100% Wild-Grown & Organic
  • Clean CO2 Critical Extraction
  • Therapeutic & Food Grade
  • Safe for Topical/Internal Use
Seed Oil Topical Beauty Benefits
From overall, healthier skin to specific problematic skin ailments, to healing damaged skin and even burns, sea buckthorn's powerful skin nourishing properties are incredibly versatile. Great for use in skin care.
  • Helps problematic ailments like rosacea, eczema, & psoriasis
  • Helps repair damaged skin (sun burns, blemishes, scarring, etc.)
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration & healing (great for burns, cuts, scrapes)
  • Powerful anti-aging & skin rejuvenating properties
  • Overall skin enhancing beauty oil for healthier, glowing skin
  • Can be used in: creams, shampoos, beauty oil mixes, toothpaste, sun screens, lotions, first-aid creams, any type of skin care/topical product (can be used both topically & internally)
Fruit Oil Internal Health Benefits
Sea buckthorn's unique nutritional profile provides powerful antioxidant, vitamins, and a vegan source of omegas 3 ,6, 9 and the much sought after, omega 7. Great for use in supplements.
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory - Great for joint support
  • Rich omega 7 hydrates mucous membranes (dry eyes, vaginal dryness)
  • Supports optimum digestive health & can also help heal ulcers
  • Support healthy cholesterol levels - Lowers LDL &  raises HDL
  • Nutritionally supports healthy skin, hair, & nails - It's beauty food!
  • Can be used in: supplements, smoothies, food recipes, cookies, as any type of nutritional food additive (can be used both topically & internally)
We asked our customers why they decided on SIBU as their final oil of choice...
Here's what they said!
Its various health and beauty benefits have been written about for over 1,300 years.... because it works!
"Love this oil. Helps so much with my oily, acneic skin, both in prevention and treatment. It actually seems to soften up hardened comedones to make them easier to remove. I put a couple drops in my moisturizer in the morning and evening and always notice that it helps with redness, inflamed skin AND healing scars and hyper pigmented areas (from breakouts). It also just makes my skin look better, smoother, and healthier overall. 

I've tried another brand of buckthorn seed oil and came back to Sibu because the effects just weren't the same. If you're going to use it on your face, get Sibu."
Larissa M. - Topical Application
"My previously calm and clear skin had morphed into dry patches, oily patches and an occasional vicious outbreak of acne. I never knew what was going to be looking back at me from the mirror. 

Well - I can honestly say that this oil has helped things get back to normal. I wash my face with a gentle bar soap at night and use 2 drops on each cheek and one drop on my forehead. Within days, the redness had calmed down and some of the bumps on my cheeks had gone down. I'm happy about those things, but the main reason I am giving this such a good rating is that the overall tone and feeling of my skin is back to where it was before - and it happened quickly!"
Melanie M - Topical Application
"Best results I’ve ever had for my skin!- I've struggled with breakouts & slow-healing skin for over 15 years. 

When I went to reorder I noticed that another brand contained double the amount of soft gels so I figured it would be a better deal. Bad idea! I've been taking 1-2 a day (I only needed 1 a day of Sibu's) for almost 2 months with not much result. I have some capsules left of this other brand, but I just ordered 3 containers of Sibu. I can't wait until they come in the mail & I can get my Sibu skin back! :)"
Richard D. - Internal Supplement Use
"I read a Prevention magazie several years ago, that stated sea buckthorn will assist the body's mucous membrane to stay moist. I was looking help for my eyes, nose and throat and everything else that happened was a great bonus!! It has been at least 4 years and I still take it and I love it more now that I'm over 50. My man still loves what it does for our sex life so much so he buys it for me now. I wonder why? ;) "
Mary P. - Internal Supplement Use
"I happened to view a Dr. Oz series and on it he recommended Sea Buckthorn Oil.  For me, the fact that it is supposed to keep skin moist is great, but he really stressed how important it is for "lubricating" your digestive tract.

I could see its benefits almost immediately. As you age, everything seems to dry up and this is the perfect assistant to keep things moving smoothly! I looked it up and found that there have been no side-effects mentioned with this element and I have found none either.
Bruce S. - Internal Supplement Use
*Testimonials are 100% accurate. Photos & names have been changed for privacy reasons
The T7 SIBU Promise
T7 is SIBU’s proprietary process for bringing you the highest quality sea buckthorn ingredients available, harvested in the most environmentally sensitive and socially responsible ways.
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